Welcome to KINESIS,

manufacturer of the world's most lightweight and stylish aluminum alloy frames.

A professional manufacturer of world-class competition- type aluminum alloy frames for more than thirty years, KINESIS has transformed itself from a professional frame maker to a service provider in order to enhance product quality, meet customers' stringent demands and keep with the fast-changing market.

Almost every year, KINESIS introduces revolutionary new products built on innovative technology and experiences accumulated over the years.

KINESIS aims to expand into the global market. While dedicating itself to developing brand-new products, KINESIS has continued to uphold its principles on safety tests and incessant innovation. KINESIS believes its mission is to meet the needs of various groups of customers and to render services to the general consumers.

Wherever you are located in the world, KINESIS considers it is luck that makes the meeting possible. Welcome to contact KINESIS via phone. Staff at KINESIS will make utmost efforts to offer you the most satisfactory service.


KINESIS was established over twenty years ago by a group of bicycle frame manufacturing professionals passionate about what they build. KINESIS has incessantly endeavored to adopt advanced technologies, and had devoted 30% of human and material resources in inventing new frame and forming technologies.

Currently, while offering OEM service for customers' designs, KINESIS has kept up with the latest design trends through constant communication with designers around the world. In addition to using new testing machines to raise the standards to exceed current ones, KINESIS has endeavored to understand the real need of the market by sponsoring the cycling teams and obtaining feedbacks from distributors.

KINESIS has served as the OEM partner to many outstanding and unique frame manufacturers, and is capable of 3D modeling and CNC sampling. KINESIS owns multiple processing patents, which can be offered to customers for increasing competitiveness in sales.


All manufacturing steps are entirely executed in house by our own engineers,technicians, mechanics, welders, and CNC operators. That means 100% production control in house to ensure that every frame / fork meets the highest standards in quality, performance and safety.

Each of our frame / fork must pass test before it leaves the factory. Raw materials are also checked for quality immediately upon arrival into our factory. So every frame / fork that leaves our factory meets the standards that we have set.